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Transparency Report published 17-July-2023

Hospital Center of Excellence Transparency Report

Week of July 9-15, 2023


Due diligence efforts continued this week with the help of the current administration, and staff of St. Marks Medical Center.   All items on the term sheet are under review and progressing well. Hundreds of additional files and folders were analyzed in efforts to fully blueprint the current operations and solidify the master plan and HCOE strategy. 


Officers of HCOE held informational and advisory sessions with St. Marks Medical Center staff, members of the public, civic organizations, past and present political leaders, foundations, financial institutions and prospective investors. 


One of the keys to returning profitability and increasing services within the SMMC campus is the ability to lease space to providers in a variety of specialties.  Providers from several specialty groups are in discussions to lease terms within the main hospital building and within the medical office building.   Offering lease space in the hospital and in the medical office building is a unique opportunity that is attracting considerable interest with physicians eager to serve our area.


The week required significant manpower hours of our all-volunteer organization.  One or more members were in attendance for meetings, developing plans, negotiating future contracts, and interacting with the public 7 days a week.  In total almost 110 hours of manpower were donated this week between HCOE members. 


Stakeholders engaged this week include over 82 citizens directly associated with St Mark’s and 85 different community stakeholders including but not limited to healthcare reimbursement officials, St. David’s officials, administration, Cardiology providers, PT/OT providers, food service contractors, current and former mayors, mortgage holders, attorneys, state and federal healthcare officials, indigent care experts, registration, civic clubs, commissioners court, local family care providers, internal legal council, pharmacy, employee insurance, wound care, radiology, SMMC foundation board members, material management, and emergency room staff.


Topics under consideration for this week; financial model, inter-hospital agreements, change management, community engagement, mortgage options, financial projections, community action groups, religious leaders, foundational giving, foundational investment, local government, county government, blogs and announcements, press relations, web development and cyber security.


HCOE is updating the website and blog posts regularly at ( and maintains a facebook page ( .


Area media outlets are updated on a regular basis, please stay tuned to your local newspaper, radio and television for significant updates.



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