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What Does a Center of Excellence in Healthcare Mean to the Community?

What Does a Center of Excellence in Healthcare Mean to the Community?

Definitive Healthcare defines a center of excellence as a, “Hospital or healthcare facility where patients continually return to receive primary care or treatment for acute conditions, separate from the place of diagnosis.” They are an example of best practices within a distinct specialty. Advent Health says, “This is not just a healthcare thing. It’s a quality milestone used across all types of industries and organizations. COEs are defined simply as a team, facility or organization that provides leadership, best practices, research and training for a focus area.” This is our vision for what St. Marks Medical Center can be.

If you have just recently heard of the Hospital Center of Excellence (HCOE) in the context of St. Mark’s Medical Center, there is good reason. HCOE is a recently formed Texas non-profit company established for the sole purpose of saving our hospital. HCOE is new to this challenge, but its leadership is not new to solving complex challenges around the world. The current officers of HCOE, along with numerous passionate hospital supporters in the community, have assembled to develop an overall strategy and a comprehensive action plan to return our hospital to operations that fully utilize the facility. The members have backgrounds and experiences that cover non-profit management and operations, real estate and asset management including distressed properties, legal, architecture and facilities management, and advanced medical care. We represent broad expertise in management and business operations, have the ability at assess the hospital in depth, and we are bringing a solution to this rather complex problem. We have expertise, we have passion, we have energy, and we have innovative ideas that look beyond “what we have always done before” to change the current paradigm. We look forward to continuing to share our vision, continually shaped by our engagement with hospital staff and our community.

Stay tuned for additional information about HCOE, our mission, our members and our supporters.

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